Web Design Process
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Web Design Process

Below are the four key steps we follow in the process of our designing project.

A well-designed small business web site should:
looks good,
be easy to navigate, and
be easily found in the search engines

Home Page
Where we keep it extremely attractive as we understand that home page behaves as the is the deciding page for visitors to stay or to move away from your website. Right blend of creativity, consideration to the taste of target audience and likings of niche, altogether helps us to offer unique and fresh design we do for every website.

In the case of website redesign, we don't really do anything when it comes to Logo. But when we create the logo for a new website, we try to keep it extremely unique and in a way that it represents the Company and its services well.

Designing the Layout of Main Internal Page
Here we design the layout of main internal pages of the website, based on nature of the business and services it offers. We take the call on which internal pages of the website are of highest importance. While carrying out the internal pages along with defining the areas for showing the information and tools respective to the pages, we do define the common components that every page would have, like navigation, banner ads, news, etc.

User Interface
Once the home page and layout of the internal pages are designed, then comes the phase where slicing of the pages to HTML   CSS is done, to complete the user interface.

At AddColours, our web designers give due importance to even important phase of designing a website i.e. slicing of pages into XHTML   CSS for conversion of web design into web Pages. While we ensure all websites are XHTML and CSS valid, we strictly adhere to the guidelines set by W3C. This keeps the websites design search engine friendly and compatible with most popular browsers. Not only this, it also helps users to navigate your website easily as the page loading time gets reduced and users have a fulfilling experience while browsing the site.

We follow the latest web standards in all our website designs. Web 2.0 is the current standard being used in our projects. But as per the constant changing dynamics of the industry, we are on the move towards Web 3.0.

Small businesses turn to us for affordable, professional small business website design solutions--and rapid turnaround on important projects. Our Website Design Company can help your business make a big impression on the Web.


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